Monday, 3 June 2013


Despite the lovely weather I have been drawn into my craft room again.  Mind you the theme for the challenge has been quite summery so I don't feel like I have missed out on anything.

Twinchies Challenge #2 - Bees and Butterflies - HERE - is what has been on the agenda this morning.  I will start with an ingredients shot (this is something I often wish I had done BEFORE making my projects). Luckily with some challenges it is easy to do at the end by collecting the ingredients again.

The basic, naked ingredients.
As soon as I read the title for the challenge I knew exactly which stamp I would use.  The lovely bumble bee stamp is one of my favourite stamps.  I think it came from Hobbycraft, maybe it was one of their own brand single stamps?  Anyway, I love it.

I also knew I would be sticking to the colour of bumble bees, yellow and black. A great pairing.  And so off I went ..................

Acetate wings
My project was done fairly quickly, mainly because I had an idea in my head already, but also because my MoJo was totally with me today. I gave Mr Bumble some acetate wings to make him fly across the page.

If you visit my page please be kind enough to leave a comment. I always read them.

Looking forward to a sunny week ahead.  Happy crafting.

Kim xx


  1. Fab Twinchie Kim, I love your bee. thanks for entering the Challenge, and good luck. Hugs, Pauline DT xxx

  2. Beautiful little creation, great bee, thank you for joining in Twinchies challenge, good luck Hun Zoe DT xxx

  3. Ooooh that's gorgeous, thanks for joining in x x x

  4. Great bumblebee and great twinchie!

  5. love that great big bumble bee stamp - been looking for one. Love your twinchie too.

  6. Beautiful job! Or should I say a honey of a twinchie?

  7. Just joining in for the first time and can't believe my twinchie is so similar to yours. I hadn't looked before I made it. Have to say yours is super we must have the same tastes. BJ

  8. Great twinchie, love the bee and embellishment.

    Sylv xx