Sunday, 23 June 2013

Motivational Day or What?!?!?!

Well, yesterday was quite a day.  A few weeks ago I sent off some pictures of my work to a 'Design Team Call Out' and late on Friday I got a 'phone call. Was I still interested?  

My feet haven't touched the ground since.  I have suddenly developed HUGE amounts of energy.  My craft room is all tidy, stamps stored away, brushes washed, cutting mat scrubbed, pencils sharpened and I now have a large, flat, white, open space in it. Oh wait, that is the desk top. I had completely forgotten what that looked like.

I was like a whirling dervish today; moving, sorting, binning, labeling, and discovering.  Phrases like "ah so that is where that went" and "oops I have one of those already" were much in use, along with "I really must stop collecting all the tiny little bits of card and paper" and "what was I keeping THAT for?".

Once the decks were cleared and calm had been restored I set about finishing off the projects that I had started on Friday morning; you know before the exciting news.

I had been asked about making note books in the same way as I make the decorative books so I thought I would give it a go.  And here are the resulting note books.  I really enjoy making these books - can you tell?

Black and White and Red All Over
(I will tell you the joke someday)

The B+W+R All Over is made using pages from an old atlas.  I used Visible Image Ink Splats  stamps and a wood mounted stamp (the maker of which escapes me at the moment) with an art theme over sprayed pages from the index of the atlas.  I used a Tim Holtz on the edge die cutter 'Ornate' to create a detailed area around the binding.  I then bound the pages with paper-string and beads.

Gold Leaf
This Gold Leaf note book was made using the 'peeled' fabric from the cover of an old book.  I need to look out for more books with fabric covers as I just loved working with it on this note book.  Other than my usual bead binding I left the design quite simple as I liked the image.

A Little Bit Gothic
This purple paper is hand made (not by me this time) and already suggested an opulent theme to me. I added some metal corners and smokey coloured gems to complete the rich look. 

Shock Wave
Finally, Shock Wave. Vibrant, loud and very pink.  More hand made paper (do you know what I think it was from Ikea) this time in shocking pink with daisy like flowers.  The bright teal colour really 'goes' well I think. Left 'as is' because it is pretty enough. Yes you can have too much pink in my opinion.

So, there it is.  A tidy craft room, finished projects and a whole new world of exciting things waiting for me on the Design Team.  

"Which DT?" I hear you ask.  Now that would be telling. Come back soon and I will tell you everything.

As always if you visit me here please be kind enough to leave a comment.

Happy crafting everyone.

Kim xx

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