Monday, 24 June 2013

A Little Moo to end The Day

Just one more thing before I really must go.  I seem to remember there is a house around me that needs a little attention and would I be right in thinking there are some other people that live here that will be home soon expecting food?

There is a new challenge out from Moo Mania at the moment and the theme is Fashion. Look HERE for more information.

Here is my entry.  What comes to mind when I think of fashion is Paris and so my Moo features the Eifel Tower as a backdrop, a leafy tree and a stylish lady.  Once again I am amazed at how much detail can be fitted onto such a tiny space.  Remember a Moo is only 2.8cm x 7cm.

Très chic, n’est ce pas?

Right I'm away to the kitchen. Now where is that again?

Kim xxx


  1. Fabulous, I love the image and the vintage feel. I have never heard of a Moo, what a peculiar size it is, lol. I'm playing with Tinchies, Inchies and Rinchies at the moment. I might have to give a Moo a go. Hugs P xxx

  2. Tres chic Mlle from Gay Paree!


  3. just gorgeous! Oh wow.. she is coming out of the MOO... looks AMAZING!
    Thank you for joining us Kim!
    xxx Susi

  4. such an elegant moo, I love it. x