Sunday, 18 January 2015

ATC365 #18 - QUILT

Sunday morning,
In the summer time.
Over worship we hurlers climb,
over mountains and valleys deep.
Those bells are ringing
Around our feet.
Seth Lakeman 2008

I can't say the word Sunday without singing one of my favourite songs by Seth Lakeman! HERE is the link to the video just in case you feel the need to hear it and see who I am talking about. The Hurlers were a 'naughty' group of young men who, instead of going to church on Sunday, went to play a game of hurling on the moors and were turned to stone for their sin. HERE is the Wiki link about the stones.

OK, I am back now from a bit of internet wandering. It is like falling into a hole once I open a new window, on and on I go following links for hours! 

My ATC today has absolutely nothing to do with any of that other than the fact that it is Sunday!

The random word generator gave me the word QUILT this morning. Rather than using a stamp of a quilt, I decided to use up some lovely pieces of coloured and embossed card left over from some note books I had made earlier in the week. Remind me to show you them. I took a cutting die and cut out about 10 pieces of card which I glued to a base.  I then cut out the ATC at a jaunty angle. 

Using a white pen I added faux stitches around the edge and on each piece, The sentiment and buttons finish the piece off. 

This little paper project mimics exactly what is done when making fabric quilts. In both crafts the scraps are used to make another project!

See you tomorrow! Happy Days! Kim x

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