Tuesday, 6 January 2015

ATC365 - #6 - ANGEL

Way back in the mists of time, I used to frequent a pub call The Angel. Nothing special, just the place where us students used to gather for quiz nights and the like. The reason I mention it is thinking about this pub is the way I remember how to spell ANGEL. One of the students wrote an invitation (no Facebook/Twitter in those days!) which was then photocopied 100's of times, for the end of term party being held in the function room of said pub. Unfortunately they discovered too late that they had spelled it Angle.  They were horrified to realise their mistake but it has served me well all these years as an aide memoir.

So, my ATC today is a beautiful photo-real stamp that I bought on eBay. I have no idea of the maker of this one so if you have any idea maybe you could let me know.

#006 - ANGEL

The phrase is one I printed off onto some cream coloured paper. I use cheap rough paper as I like the texture it has. It is like an old book page. I have also used the Harlequin stamp from Visible Image to fill in the open space. 

I am putting the ATCs I have made so far into an album and it is looking quite colourful already! I can't wait to get to #365 and then sit and look back at all of them. Long way to go but it is such an enjoyable journey so far!

Happy days! xx


  1. What a lovely card
    Niki x

  2. Hi Kim this is gorgeous and I love the the anecdote that reminds you how to spell angel. Hugs Jackie